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We know exactly what you say about us. And you know what? Yes we are. Especially when it involves creating major waves in Soca. But can you blame us? Given the history between Precision Productions and Kerwin Du Bois, we are betting instead that you will clique up, and help us turn the whole genre on its tail with this new release.

Written by Fay-Ann Lyons Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Stadic and Wetty Beatz , Additional Live Brass by Marlon Roach, Recorded at SoundLock

This update adds key detection and display, an update to Pitch ‘n Time DJ allowing key shifting and key sync, user hardware remapping as well as support for the all new Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 battle mixer and a number of important performance and stability updates including Windows 10 support.

Dj Tyson s’impose comme étant l’un des meilleurs Deejay Dance hall de la capitale. Booké dans les meilleurs établissements et à l’affiche de nombreux gros événement, Dj Tyson confirme son talent et accroît son public. Aujourd’hui Tyson a laché un short mix d’une 20aines de minutes, sélectionnant ainsi les sons qui lui paraissent être excellent dans le dance hall Local actuel, un Mix parfaitement réalisé pour vous tenir tout au long de sa lecture.

“On Target Riddim” is a Dancehall Riddim produced by Big Link Production and released in June, 2015. Featuring Jamaican Artists like Munga, Jah Malo, Nesbeth, Unicorn and others. “On Target Riddim” is now available for digital purchase on iTunes and others Digital Purchase platforms.

Sex Slow Motion est un mix différent de ce que vous avez l’habitude d’entendre. Pas de gros dancehall pour faire péter les caissons, pas de grosse basse. Ce mix est idéal pour faire des galipettes sous la couette. Vous y trouverez des sons d’Admiral T, Missié SADIK, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Kerosn, Mr SM, Alkaline, Saik, Demarco, Swe… Bonne écoute ! @Djdaboyz

Written by Ian Alvarez co written by Fay-Ann Lyons. Produced by Nikholai Greene. Co-Produced by Kyle Joseph. Additional Background Vocals by Kevin Charles. Mixed and Mastered by Nikholai Greene.

“Wrangla Lokal Riddim” is an Official Lokal version of “Wrangla Riddim” released by Yellow Moon Records in April, 2015. Coolytop & Dj Kickeur present these Lokal Riddim featuring West Indies Artists like Magma, Tistev, Rafya, Kenzy, Rik, Dasinga, Sylem, Tai J, Lion J, Metallix, Sayan and Slaaky. “Wrangla Lokal Riddim” is available for free download on